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Ugli can help you with every step of the app development process, from initial idea, through market research, feasibility, wire-framing and proof-of-concept to design, development, hosting, launch, marketing, analytics and follow-up.

We have a great track record building web applications, native mobile apps (iOS and Android) and responsive, data-driven websites and we can make the process stress-free and enjoyable. Mobile and web apps can supplement your business offering, for example by making it easier for your customers to access your data or content, or to buy your products; under a different business model, the app itself can be the product.

Mobile devices offer a plethora of services including location, compass, accelerometer, audio, photo and video camera and more; mobile apps can access all of these in a variety of ways in order to entertain or inform the user and provide a rich, engaging user experience.

"Tom at Ugli is the go-to guy for well-structured information architecture and clean code. Very creative and resourceful at all stages of the project."
~ Ali Reid, CTO, FoodCourt

Whether you are looking for a native app or a mobile-friendly website, we can help you make the choice that's right for you and develop an app which delights users and exceeds your expectations.