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The Hong Kong e-commerce market is estimated at US$ 3.7bn and poised to grow more. The average annual spend per consumer is now a wapping US$1,992, with travel, beauty and consumer electronics as Hong Kong's leading categories. As everywhere, the pandemic has driven Hong Kong's customers online like never before and this trend will likely continue into the future. 

As e-commerce experts in Hong Kong, we know that the secret to success for any online shop, in one word, is data. Every element of your online presence must be scientifically evaluated against the following two tests:

  • Will this attract more people to my website?
  • Will it convert more of those people into customers?

Using a combination of A/B testing and analytics software, we can make extremely scientific decisions about the design and content of your website or online store, creating only the most frictionless customer journeys. We can also harness loyalty, referral and affiliate technologies to maximise recommendations and to persuade your customers to act as your outsourced sales department.

Selling your products online isn’t simply a case of building a beautiful website and waiting for people to turn up and use it: because they won’t! Luckily, there exists a variety of online marketing methods we can test and implement for you including email marketing (or EDM), pay-per-click (PPC, e.g. Google Adwords and Facebook Ads) and social media marketing. Using our characteristic analytical and data-driven approach we will help you research and test various methods to find the most cost-effective, always with an eye on the bottom line.

Our Hong Kong e-commerce team has rock-solid experience with a range of different platforms including Shopify, Drupal, Magento, so we are able to solve problems and meet demand at a range of budget levels.

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Check out the e-commerce application and website we developed for Drop - Wine Movement. Involved with the project from the very beginning, we helped the London-based client formulate their ideas for a same-day wine delivery platform, took them through discovery and wireframing, and helped create a comprehensive design brief, before managing the development of an animated e-commerce-enabled mobile app and website. We then built a suite of data tracking and analysis tools enabling the client to make informed decisions based on real time operations and customer information.