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Hong Kong Mobile Application ScreenshotsA mobile app can help you connect with your customers or your community in ways a website cannot: upon installing your app, the user allows you to monitor their location, send you push notifications, access audio and video, even the accelerometer and pressure sensor can be accessed. This opens up a wealth of marketing and communication opportunities.

In our hard-won experience, the best route to success when it comes to app development lies in stripping back your idea to its barest core, developing and launching that as fast as possible, and then gathering user data and feedback (see section on analytics).

Once you have a product out “in the wild”, with actual real-life users, you can begin testing your ideas (including all the nice-to-have functionality you stripped back before the initial launch). Users can be surveyed and directly asked about functionality they would like to have, and then new features can be scientifically tested to discover if they improve conversion rates – otherwise what would be the point in including them?

Ugli’s Hong Kong app team can help with each stage of the development process, from initial idea, through market research, feasibility, wire-framing and proof-of-concept to design, development, testing, hosting, launch, marketing, analytics and follow-up.

We have a stellar track-record building web applications and native mobile apps (iOS and Android) for clients in Hong Kong and elsewhere. Whether you are looking for a native app or a mobile-friendly website, get in touch today so we can help develop an app which delights users and generates a new revenue stream for your organisation.


Following the above process we developed a interactive e-commerce app enabling customers to browse wine using a range of search parameters. We built a referral system to maximise downloads in the early days and have enabled our clients to contact users through a variety of channels including push notifications, email and live chat – the app has a five star rating in the App Store.