Top Hong Kong Ecommerce Website Trends for 2021

1st of February 2021 ~ tagged ecommerce, must-have, augmented reality, parallax, gaussian

Ecommerce has shown phenomenal growth in Hong Kong in 2020, with no signs of stopping - annual revenue is projected to reach US$7598m in 2021 with average spend at a stunning (and specific) US$1375.89 per user. With its excellent internet speeds, 5.5m internet users and one of the most smartphone reliant markets in the world, Hong Kong remains a great option for launching an ecommerce business.

Building a Website for your Hong Kong Business – How Much Does It Cost?

18th of May 2020 ~ tagged hong kong, costs, web design


TL:DR: Find the Ugli price list here.

At Ugli, we continually strive to keep our prices competitive. But it can be hard to know exactly what that means – many web design companies are coy about publishing their fees or unwilling to give even ballpark figures, making comparisons difficult. So how much should you actually be paying a web design company, and what can you expect to receive in return?

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