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Websites & Apps for Hong Kong Schools

Ugli has a proud history of building websites and apps for schools and language centres in Hong Kong.

Whether you represent a primary or secondary, a private independent school, an English Schools Foundation (ESF) school, a university or university department, or a commercial language centre, Ugli can leverage data-driven digital marketing and communication techniques to help achieve your goals.

We understand that as a school, you have a unique set of communication requirements. You need to appeal to students and their parents, as well as members of staff, school governors and even investors. You have to promote the school as a place to study, to work, and to live. The needs of your organisation as a business must be balanced with a range of softer, more pastoral and creative communications priorities.

Schools also have a unique security and privacy profile; highly sensitive issues including admissions data, photography of students, and of course, student locations.

A school website should act as a portal for all school communications and activities, online and offline, curricular and extracurricular, pulling together and publishing content from musical and theatrical activities, the arts, sports, and staff blogs. The school’s web presence should also provide an appealing and frictionless means for people to submit applications to study (and work) at the school.

Ugli brings a uniquely analytical approach to ensure that your Hong Kong school website meets and exceeds its marketing, communication and security goals. Get in touch today to find out how we can help make the most of that valuable domain name!


Check out the website and mobile app we developed for the Canadian International School of Hong Kong. The website functions mainly as a marketing and recruitment funnel while the mobile app (iOS and Android) acts as a communications portal for the community of students and parents. Timely messaging, for example typhoon announcements or school closures, can be pushed in real-time to anyone with the app installed as well as visitors to the website.