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Why guess, when you can measure?

Google Analytics is a free tool which take five minutes to install and which can then be promptly forgotten about... And we find that far too many Hong Kong website owners and e-commerce entrepreneurs are doing just that, and missing out most of the data, and more importantly the insights, which a strong analytics implementation can provide.

Culture of experimentation

At Ugli we take a big business, “big data” approach and apply it to Hong Kong’s vibrant SME scene, encouraging our clients to adopt a scientific mindset and a culture of experimentation. A website is not there to look pretty (although it helps), it is there to convert traffic into customers, and every part of it should be geared to doing just that. The process of improving this is called Conversion Rate Optimisation or CRO, and is now of central importance in the field of web design.

A comprehensive CRO analysis will look at

  • Conversion rate of every page
  • User segmentation
  • Cart and Checkout Abandonment
  • Exit and entry pages, time spent and scroll depth
  • Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) and Lifetime Value (LTV)
  • Campaign tracking and marketing ROI
  • Call tracking & other off-site analytics

Our approach enables Hong Kong small businesses to compete with much larger global companies by playing them at their own game - and winning.