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The most beautiful website in the world is no good if no-one visits it; the success of a website is always improved by increasing traffic. Once you've built a website there are many ways we can help you to promote it each of which comes with its own costs and benefits.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

SEO is the art of achieving high rankings in the search engines. It can be extremely cost-effective and when done properly it can attract a great deal of traffic. Effective SEO hinges on carefully-chosen textual content and inbound links from high-quality websites. SEO can take time and a lot of work to get right, but often proves a good investment in the long term.

  • Cost-effective, long-lasting, targeted
  • Can be time-consuming to manage

Pay-Per-Click advertising (PPC)

As the name implies, the PPC advertising is based on a fixed fee per “click” on the add. Google and Facebook both have popular PPC schemes. One of the major benefits of PPC is this pricing model: you only pay when it’s working, and generally it allows for very targeted advertising which means that your budget is not wasted communicating with an inappropriate audience.

  • Very precise, control over spend, very quick
  • Higher ongoing cost

Electronic Direct Mail (EDM)

Email marketing is one of the oldest and, perhaps, one of the most effective forms of digital marketing. Allowing your customers and website visitors to subscribe to a mailing list and sending them a regular newsletter keeps them informed of your news, product or service offering, and special offers, and it can generate significant customer loyalty.

  • Cost-effective, creates a sense of community
  • Time-consuming, writing content can be a chore

Social Media Marketing

Social networks provide a fantastic way to create and engage a community around your product or service, and at a very low cost. Site visitors and customers can be encouraged to “follow” or subscribe to your organisation’s social media presence, which gives you a valuable channel of direct communication with them.

  • Cheap or free once set up, potentially incredible reach
  • Time consuming, important to continue to create engaging content