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Custom Micro-sites for precise search engine optimisation

English for Asia Ltd. operates language centres across Asia and is the region's foremost internationally-accredited providor of TESOL courses and language services. 

Marketing such a multi-headed organisation presents a unique challenge: how to publish content which is specific to each part of the business while keeping the text focussed yet relevant to the whole?

We suggested a suite of microsites, one for each part of the organisation, linked together conceptually by a lightweight umbrella site. That each microsite has its own domain name allows the content writers and bloggers to really focus their efforts on their business area and geographical zone with far greater specificity than would a single website for the whole organisation. From a user-perspective, as well, this works beautifully – visitors to the Hong Kong TESOL microsite, for example, are not concerned with the offering of the Macau-based Poema Language Services unit, so keeping them separate makes perfect sense. 

The results have been immense. Not only does EFA now dominate the top four Google spots for its cornerstone search term "Hong Kong TESOL" (see for yourself) but traffic and conversion rates are both significantly better, and the microsites are drawing in high-value visitors in greater numbers than ever. 



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