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Multilingual Medical Showcase, Blog and Booking Site

EuroEyes are an international firm of opthamologists specialising in cutting-edge eye surgery, operating in treatment centres around the world. Their website needed to contain a wealth of complex information about treatment options, as well as holding a large number of testimonials and news items to build visitor confidence in their service. EuroEyes has its own in-house design team with a clear idea of the visuals required, so we worked with them to ensure their multimedia content and distinct brand identity was seamlessly displayed on all devices and screen sizes, in multiple languages.

  • Responsive website development
  • IP-based location finder
  • SEO optimised news blog
  • Online booking system

With 27 working locations across different continents, the site also integrates with Google Maps API to immediately direct visitors to their nearest treatment centre based on their current location.

We are continuing to work with EuroEyes to enhance their web presence by providing SEO and performance reports, content suggestions and recommendations.


  • content strategy
  • development
  • multi-language
  • online booking