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Online showcase for award-winning Hong Kong design and marketing firm

Stylus Design has been serving a diverse range of high-profile clients like Starbucks, Pepsi Co, HSBC and the Wall Street Journal for over 20 years, and required a minimalist, intuitive website that would smoothly showcase its large portfolio and let the artwork do the talking.

  • Fully responsive design
  • Rich media content
  • Advanced content tagging system

Working from Stylus’ own static designs, we developed a fully-responsive site, SEO optimised and carefully designed to extend visitor retention.  Stylus staff are able to quickly and easily update their ever-increasing portfolio with a super-streamlined content management and tagging system.


  • content strategy
  • development
  • strategy


We approached UGLI during a very quiet time for our agency to with a view to driving more sales. After the smooth and efficient process of overhauling both the creative front-end and the technical back-end, we relaunched and saw an immediate and significant difference in engagement AND conversion. The service we had throughout the entire process was attentive, insightful and quite frankly a relief. As a creative person I find aspects of the tech / digital world to be frustrating and mind-bending but UGLI somehow made it all seem deceptively straightforward and (almost!) enjoyable.

Jay FC, Founder, Stylus Design