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Building a Website for your Hong Kong Business – How Much Does It Cost?

18th of May 2020 ~ tagged hong kong, costs, web design


TL:DR: Find the Ugli price list here.

At Ugli, we continually strive to keep our prices competitive. But it can be hard to know exactly what that means – many web design companies are coy about publishing their fees or unwilling to give even ballpark figures, making comparisons difficult. So how much should you actually be paying a web design company, and what can you expect to receive in return?

The cost of any service is dependent on many factors, including concrete costs to the supplier and the perceived value of the service or product to the consumer – in this case, you. A company which has beautiful, expensive premises may project an air of quality and reassurance (and may well deliver you a good-looking website), but a sizeable chunk of the fee you pay them will go directly to their landlord, rather than to their designers.  Bear in mind that the creation of a website is a wholly digital task, so there is no need for designers to be physically located in an expensive office. At Ugli, we are free to find the very best people, regardless of where they happen to live, and have assembled a rockstar lineup of programmers and designers located all over the world, bringing global expertise and international creativity to your project.

So, when selecting an agency, your options (in ascending order of advisability) are:


Free – HK$20,000:

Buggy brochureware site, limited pages and maybe a blog.

It is possible to find someone who will build you a basic website for nearly free or very cheap. This is usually someone just starting out or wanting to build their portfolio, which doesn’t 100% guarantee that it will be terrible – you might just strike it lucky with someone out to create an impressive calling card for their services. However, it is more likely that you will end up with something clunky, basic and buggy. It may soak up a lot of your time just keeping it running, and you are unlikely to be able to demand any tech support with issues you encounter. If cost is your number one concern, and you have the patience and capacity to keep a shaky website operational, this is just about an option, if an unadvisable one.


HK$100,000 - HK$250,000

Basic brochureware site, limited pages and maybe a blog, plus a couple of meetings in a high-end office. 

At the other end of the spectrum, you can pay top dollar for almost the same site from a glossy and impressive international digital or ad agency. These places frequently outsource their work (often to smaller companies such as Ugli) so a vast proportion of the vast fee will be going straight into their pockets, rather than paying for the actual designer. All you’re paying for is the view from their beautiful offices, and a couple of nice meetings. The only advantage over a cheap site is that you will probably have more recourse if the site stops working three months down the line.


A Tailormade Quote for Your Business:

The features you need, a beautiful design, and ongoing support

For this, you need a small, friendly, well-managed company with low overheads, whose fees go to a top-quality team with great customer service. We provide a full range of e-commerce, digital marketing and optimisation services, all aimed at making your business highly visible to the right people.


If you’d like to know more, our fees are here for anyone to check out.