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Why do HK businesses need websites?

27th of September 2018 ~ tagged project management, web design

I realised early in my career that any client who can't answer that question – quickly – is not going to be much fun to work for. And it's amazing how many people can't. 

There aren't that many reasons why you would need a website. Generally – and I'm assuming you're a small business based in Hong Kong – they boil down to variations of the following:

  • To generate leads to whom I can (later) sell my product or service (brochureware)
  • To sell my product to consumers (e-commerce)
  • To make my service available to consumers (software as a service)

Here are some terrible reasons why you need a website:

  • Because everyone else has one
  • Because you like the sound of your own voice
  • Because you want to look good

You'd be surprised how many people haven't thought this through. Any non-clarity on this subject at the early stages of a web development project will derail the outcome. Your reasons to have a website should be concise and easily-communicated to project stakeholders. They should also be testable - otherwise how will you know whether your project is a success? 

Think it through! Then please contact us for a quote.